Julian Assange will spend the next 50 weeks in jail

A judge in the UK has found WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange guilty and sentenced him to 50 weeks in jail for avoiding bail seven years back and taking cover in the Ecuadorian government office.

Judge Deborah Taylor declared that it was hard to envision a progressively genuine variant of the offense as she allowed the 47-year-old programmer a sentence near the limit of a year in guardianship.

She added that Assange’s seven years in the government office had cost UK citizens 16 million pounds ($21m) and said he looked for asylum as a conscious effort to defer justice.

The white-haired Assange stood apathetically with his hands fastened while the sentence was perused. His supporters in the open exhibition at Southwark Crown Court directed some derogatory comments at the judge as Assange was driven away.

An Australian native, Assange looked for a haven in the South American nation’s London embassy in June 2012 to maintain a strategic distance from removal to Sweden, where he was needed for addressing over assault and rape charges.

Assange’s legal advisor Mark Summers told a court stuffed with reporters and Assange’s supporters that his customer looked for shelter in the Ecuadorian Embassy since he was living with overpowering trepidation of being rendered to the US.

He said Assange had a well-established dread that he would be abused and perhaps sent to the US confinement camp for fear-based oppression suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

Summers read a letter from Assange saying ‘sorry’ for his conduct in 2012 and saying that he did what he thought was a good act.

“I wound up battling with unnerving conditions,” the letter said.

Assange was captured on April 11, 2019 after Ecuador repudiated his political refuge, blaming him for everything from intruding in the country’s foreign affairs to poor cleanliness.

He will face a different court hearing on Thursday on a US extradition demand. US experts have accused Assange of contriving to break into a Pentagon computer framework.

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