President Trump expresses interest in acquiring Greenland for the US

US President Donald Trump is making inquiries if it is workable for the US to purchase Greenland, as indicated by a report.
Trump has shown interest in the self-governing area, which is under the control of Denmark. According to reports, the president is asking advisors if the US could acquire the territory, which is mostly covered in ice.
The president is interested in the territory’s collective assets and geopolitical significance, as reported.
Greenland is an island, which covers about 2,000,000 square kilometres. It is a self-governing district of Denmark, which colonised the island in the eighteenth century. The territory is home to about 57,000 people, the vast majority of whom have a place with the indigenous Inuit people group.
Some Trump advisor believe acquiring the island, which is upper east of Canada, could be useful for the US. However, others called it just a short-lived interest from the president.
Others outside the White House say Trump’s interest could be a craving for a legacy achievement, as reported, and advisor wondered what the purpose would be, either for the military or research.
Thule Air Base, the US’s northernmost military base has been situated on Greenland for quite a long time.
Greenland doesn’t exactly satisfy its green name; 85 per cent of the island is covered by a three-kilometre ice sheet that contains 10 per cent of the world’s freshwater.
The world’s biggest island has experienced environmental change researchers state, turning into a big melting icicle that may submerge the coastal areas someday.
This July saw unusual melting of the Greenland ice sheet, with 12 billion tons of ice rushing into the ocean.
The US president, who in 2017 pulled back the US from the Paris Climate Agreement to cap global warming levels, is reportedly set to visit the Danish capital in September.

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