Kelvin Durant faces another injury setback as Warriors edge Raptors

Kelvin Durant to have an MRI on the injury sustained at the lower part of his right leg

The Golden State Warriors have been facing some crises and have pushed to the point of being eliminated by the Raptors in this year’s NBA finals.

One of the primary reasons for the poor run of games in the series is the different injuries they have managed. The most prominent among others is the calf injury that has kept their star player, Kelvin Durant, out the games since Game 5 of their second-round series against the Houston Rockets.

The Golden State Warriors declared Durant unfit to continue the game due to an injury at the lower part of his right leg. The announcement came shortly after the halftime. The player is expected to get an MRI the next day.

Durant was seen in the last quarter of the game leaving the Warriors’ change room at Scotiabank Arena, supported with crutches, which gives the fans another sign of the extent of the seriousness of the recent injury.

Durant had not trained with the other players for a while. However, he practiced with the Warriors on Sunday for the first time since he had a calf injury. He also joined in the shootaround they did on Monday morning.

Earlier before the game, Warrriors’ coach, Kerr, told some reporters that Durant looks good and that they would see how everything would go.

Kerr has recently expressed, with hope, that Durant could conceivably play in the series after only one practice.

With the hope that Durant comes back for Game 5, it is necessary to think about the level damage he will manage in the wake of being sidelined for more than a month. However, a half-fit Durant would be a significant lift to the Warriors, who have been gravely affected and appeared lost without the star player at some point against the Toronto Raptors.

“You worry about the conditioning, the skill obviously is undeniable and he’s a guy who can get his shot off any time he wants,” Kerr said. “He’s Kevin Durant. So, if we have him out there, he’ll be a threat, we know that.”

As his return date is finally known, he has a legacy-altering opportunity ahead of him. His team delved themselves into a 3-1 opening without him, and if he can lead them out of that gap and to a third straight title, it would be seen as an unequaled achievement.

Speaking on social media after the game, Durant expressed how disappointed he felt about the injury, also, he congratulated he fellow players for winning the game in his absence


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