Google announces new products designed for Nigeria and some African countries

Google, on Wednesday, reported new products and features to enhance navigation instruction and other Google services in Nigeria and some African countries.

These new services include navigation instructions in a Nigerian voice for both motorcycles and vehicle driving modes.

Other new highlights incorporate symbolism for Street View, Gallery Go, Google Go refreshes, Google Lens and Bolo, and a Nigerian culinary encounter from Google Arts and Culture.

Google has also collaborated with the Nigerian Government to make an online safety curriculum accessible to all primary and secondary school students in the country.

Google Maps also added a dedicated travel mode which provides direction for and route to motorcycles in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Rwanda, Togo, and Uganda.

In a few months, Google will launch another feature for Lagos that is streamlined for casual travel, bringing Danfo routes into Google Maps to help make it more comfortable to see essential places in Nigeria.

Gallery Go is another product launched. It is a fast and smart app for users who do not have a fast and reliable internet connection. Gallery Go brings many useful features of Google Photos on the device to enable users to search, edit, and manage photos, even when there is no internet connection. The app takes 10MB to keep the telephone light and fast

It likewise makes it simpler for users to find the best of the web even on low-RAM cell phones or unreliable internet connection

Google Lens is another product added to the list. The app allows individuals to know more about things around them through their camera and photo. It enables individuals to read, interpret, and search the words they see by using their smartphone camera.

People can open Google Lens, point it at a sign, and then hear the words read out loud. In case they don’t talk the language they understand, the word can be translated into their language. Google is likewise adding support for Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo.

Bolo is a speech-based app for reading. It assists kids to learn reading the English Language. It helps them to read out loud and after that gives individuals customised feedbacks to help improve reading.

Google Arts and Culture has announced a project called “Come Chop Bellefull: A Taste of Nigeria.” This project pays tribute to Nigeria’s dynamic and various food cultures. People would now be able to explore multiple Nigerian cooking and culture through 2,000 high-resolution pictures and 30 stories made in a joint effort with The Centenary Project at the Pan-Atlantic University.

Google has worked hard to expand in West Africa, especially in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country with an estimate of 200 million people.

in 2018, Google launched Wi-Fi hotspots locations across Lagos, and in 2017, the tech giant launched a program to train millions of Africans in tech skills to make them more employable.

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