FIFA appoints Fatma Samoura to oversee African football reforms

FIFA secretary general Fatma Samoura will oversee the reform currently going on within Africa’s football ruling body.

She has been named general envoy for Africa and is expected to be on that special duty for half a year, beginning August 1, 2019.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) with its leader Ahmad has been in the spotlight after recent administration concerns. Also, he was quizzed as a part of an investigation into a corruption case, rupture of trust, and fabrication of document in France prior this month.

He was later discharged without charge and has rejected the claims as “false.”

Ahmad proposed seeking assistance from FIFA to help evaluate CAF’s present situation and accelerate changes plans to enhance “transparency and efficiency.”

CAF’s official board of trustees endorsed the idea. Samoura and a gathering of specialists will work together with Ahmad and his group to cover various zones, in an understanding that can be reestablished with the knowledge of the two parties involved.

These will include supervising operational administration of CAF, guaranteeing the efficient and professional organization of all CAF competitions, and supporting the development and advancement of football in every Africa.

Samoura will stay as secretary general of FIFA yet will designate her capacities inside the organization, as stated by the two football bodies.

However, the agreement reached between CAF and FIFA over Samoura’ appointment was firmly condemned by UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin. CAF president responded that it was a moved to seek the assistance of FIFA about what is happening inside CAF.

Ceferin, who is also a member of the FIFA council, wrote in a letter that the appointment “raises a large number of questions and in particular the likelihood conflict of interests”.

“It is unfathomable to send a letter amidst the night (got at 1:50 at the beginning of today) and expect a reaction from me by 10:30 that day. I am constantly arranged to help, yet the FIFA authority of the gathering must not be diminished to a minor elastic stamp work,” he composed.

“Never in the historical backdrop of our establishments has the secretary general … been put on secondment to assume responsibility for a confederation, even with the last’s assent. You should comprehend this isn’t the kind of choice to be trifled with and in a flurry.”

“Gianni Infantino hasn’t been chosen to create one landmass to the hindrance of another. At the point when CAF makes a solicitation, it is difficult to perceive how FIFA can’t assume its job. It’s a consistent backup.”

“One can’t act like that when something to be thankful for is finished. We are responsible for our activities,” Ceferin included while protecting the decision of Senegal’s Samoura.

“It would have been stunning if it had been a European or a South American. To incorporate the changes, one needs to know the specific situation. She is African, and she realizes how to smooth the harsh edges and to energize dialogue.”.

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