Cristiano Ronaldo: Rape Lawsuit against him dropped in Las Vegas

Rape lawsuit against Cristiano Ronlado quietly dropped

From many sources, the rape lawsuit by Katheryn Mayorga an American lady who who claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo, 34, raped her late last year has unobtrusively dropped the suit against Juventus’ forward.

The allegations against the former Real Madrid star stood out as truly newsworthy toward the start of the season, which caused a significant drop in Juventus shares and provoking the star to intensely any act of wrongdoing.

Ronaldo has dependably been undaunted in his refusals of the allegations. He considered the stories as “fake news” during an Instagram live session and after that later discussing how unmoved he was with respect to the case during a pre-match session before Juventus’ Champions League football against Manchester United in late last year, that was his first public comments as before assembled media

Katheryn Mayorga filed the lawsuit against Ronaldo in September, 2018, claiming that she had been sexually misused in the past by Ronaldo at his penthouse suite in a Las Vegas inn. She proceeded to charge that while she consented to a settlement at the time, she wasn’t sincerely skilled to take an interest in the intervention.

From other stories, it was reported by the New York Times in March that Juventus had decided not to partake in the International Champions Cup in the United States this year in view of dread Ronaldo could be arrested.

Ronaldo hasn’t been the only prominent footballers to be blamed for sexual wrongdoing in the past. Brazilian forward Neymar was among confronted with allegations from a lady who claimed he assulted her in a hotel room in Paris. However, the PSG star quickly refuted the claim, saying that it was what happened that day was a relationship between a man and a woman within the four walls of a room.

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