Russian plane crashes at Moscow airport minutes after take off

A Russian-made aircraft had to make an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

There were pictures from the scene showing flames and smoke toward the tail of the Aeroflot plane.

More than forty  people, including children, were killed in the crash as reported by the state news agency.

The plane under the operation of Aeroflot, a Russian organization, had carried about 73 passengers as well as the crew members as reported.

Thirty-seven people were reported to survive the incident, including four crew members. Videos showed passengers who had escaped the aircraft on exit slides running away from the burning plane on the tarmac as travelers inside the Sheremetyevo airport looked on in shock.

The twin-engine plane, going to Murmansky, a city in northwest Russia, pronounced a crisis soon after departure around 6 p.m. therefore, came back to the airport just after 27 minutes of departure, according to state news agency.

The plane was already in flame even before it was able to land as seen by eyewitnesses.

Russian experts and the airline operators presently can’t seem to give any comments on the exact reason the plane developed the fault and had to return to the airport.

Agents were at the scene in Sheremetyevo, as reported by the Russian authorities.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 made its maiden commercial flight eight years ago. In May 2012, a plane of this sort crashed while on a limited time trip in Indonesia with 50 individuals on board.

The most exceedingly terrible accident in Russia was in 2001 in Irkutsk when a Russian Tupolev-154 crashed on its third attempts to land on the runway for a refueling. All the 145 people on board were killed.

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