Stabbing in Japan leaves two people dead

During the attack, a fifteen-year-old girl and another thirty-nine-year-old man were killed. There were other 15 different girls who were also harmed after they were attacked by a strange man holding a knife, authority said.

Authorities also confirmed the death of the two after they were taken to the hospital.

The attacked caused harm to 15 girls and 3 six-year-old girls as well as a woman, 40, as confirmed by the authority.

The victims, aged six to twelve, were students at a private school under the Catholic church in Kwasaki, south of Tokyo. They were about getting on the bus when they were attacked, as indicated by NHK.

The driver of the Caritas Elementary School transport told police he saw a man coming towards the bus stop and begin cutting at everyone, holding a blade in two hands, as reported.

The rationale in the assault was not yet clear but rather there were no prompt feelings of dread of a more extensive security danger. There have been past instances of mass stabbings in Japan, at times including the helpless.

A man, Mr Toshichika Ishii, 57, was sitting at a nearby recreation centre seat  when he heard a girl shouting. He said he was frightened at the shout of the girl and when he heard the attacker yelling in Japanese language saying “I will kill you”.

The whole event happened at the place at the bus stop where they wait for the bus to Caritas, a Catholic school within the neighbourhood as widely reported.

From other sources, the school is the main Catholic school in Kawasaki; it is a private organization kept running by Canadian missionaries. The school was established in the 60’s as a junior and a senior high school. Elementary classes were then added to the school programmes in 1963. As at 2017, there were 648 students and 51 in the school.

Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe expressed his displeasure over the incident. He said “It is a nerve racking case. I feel solid resentment. I offer my ardent sympathies to the people in question and expectation the harmed recoup rapidly,”

The terrible event happens just as the US President Donald Trump concludes his state visit to Japan.

The US president expressed his sympathy to the affected people when he met with the troops. He assured the people of Japan that Americans are with them.

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